Download Cricket 2.2.5 12/06/14 (application, documentation, support files)
Note: The application can be dragged directly into the Applications folder. No need for an installer.
Older Versions:
Cricket 2.2.4 02/01/10
Cricket 2.1.1 11/18/06
Cricket 2.0.1 04/10/06
Cricket v2.2.5 has had the authorization scheme stripped from the application. It is now FREE to use.
As of 12/06/2014, Cricket v2 is now FREE to use. Enjoy and MAKE GOOD THEATRE!
Need to authorize/de-authorize? (if for some reason, using the application for FREE doesn't suit you)
To authorize, please send the auth code (letters/numbers that appear in the gray field on the program's startup screen) to You should receive your unlock code(s) within 24 hours. To de-authorize, please send the de-auth file to to free up one of your 2 authorization slots.



Cricket v2 © 2014 Jake Rodriguez