Update 09/06/07:

v1.6X has just been uploaded and has the copy protection removed! It is also now a Universal Binary build and requires a G4 or later running 10.3.9 or later (Power PC/Intel-Happy) I will officially no longer be supporting v1, but you are welcome to use it freely to make good theater. Also, please come visit v2 at some point!

• Build Qs with audio, fades, pans, and midi!!

Download Cricket v1.6X for MacOS OSX

1.6X--OSX version

Previous versions (All versions below 1.6X require authorization and are no longer being supported or sold):

1.52X--OSX version ----- 1.41--OS9 version

1.45X--OSX version ----- 1.40--OS9 version

Download Cricket v1.31 Full Installer (6.7 mb)

(v1.31 installer contains both OSX and OS9 versions--requires stuffit expander)


• Extremely easy to use, yet powerful enough to build complex scores!!
• Built for OSX and Coreaudio--OS 9 version also available.


• Developed by a theater sound designer and musician, with help from other designers and musicians, so built and road-tested for flexibility, playability and ease.

• ASIO/Coreaudio compatible. Use all your sound card's available outputs to create a true surround-sound environment.

• 4 separate track players can handle 4 stereo files simultaneously.

• Support for all common types of sound files with any bit depth your sound card can handle.

• Midi Q-ing includes Program Change, Note On, Note Off, and CC control.

• 1 Q can trigger all 4 track players, all 4 stereo channel faders, all 8 mixes (for pans, etc.), all 4 types of midi Qs, and can auto-step to the next Q.

• Number or Letter your Qs (including decimal-point Q-ing).

• Train anyone to run your sound or have fun running your own sound!

• Audio triggers instantly and makes for a precision design.

• Run from your laptop for a portable professional 24-bit surround sound solution.

• v1.6X is now free to use!! Copy protection has been removed.

• System Requirements: Macintosh G3 or G4/G5 running MacOS X.2 or greater (including 10.3) or 9.x. Note: v1.6X is a Universal Binary and requires a G4 or later running OS 10.3.9 or later.


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